Module 6: Slideshows

In first grade we study force and its impact on how things move. Most kids already have an understanding that if you push or pull on something, it’s going to move. That the more something weighs, the more you’ll need to push or pull it. This slideshow will introduce students to the basic concepts of force and teach the academic vocabulary they’ll be expected to use during discussion or written work.


The design of my slideshow is pretty simple. Because the concept is about movement, I chose to use light yellow, light green, and a wee bit of red – the colors associated with traffic signals (movement). Montserrat is the font I used throughout – it’s one I like to use particularly for early readers. My visuals represent real-life objects that kids can relate to and I used animation to illustrate movement.


To view the slideshow presentation, click on the image below.

Notes Handout

Click here to view the notes handout.

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