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Hey! My name is Debbie Sachs and I’m a retired elementary teacher, who still has an immense passion for keeping up with best practices that impact teaching and learning. I think it’s just how we teachers must be wired. Although retired, I volunteer as a mentor and tutor in both a city and county school, I private tutor, aaand…I really hit the jackpot when I was brought on as Customer Experience Manager for Cult of Pedagogy (in case you’re wondering…Jenn really IS that good!)

In my spare time, I enjoying walking my dog, going to jazzercise, traveling to visit my grown kids, hanging with my husband, and reading and learning. Watching a rerun of Friends is a daily must!

This Blog

Creating this blog is going to take me out of my comfort zone. I want to stay connected to education and yet, preparing lessons using these amazing tools for a faux class is a bit surreal. Makes it hard to be totally motivated, yet I’m still inspired to want to learn more, share with my friends, and find ways to use these processes and tools in a variety of ways.

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